Berlin means Quality of Life

Live where other people go on holiday. In Berlin, you won’t be an onlooker – you’ll be right at the heart of the action. Fair rent prices, low living costs, and a wide range of recreational, cultural, and educational activities provide the 3.5 million residents with everything they need to blossom. The capital is a true paradise: green spaces, swimming lakes, inner-city parks, an extensive local transport system, and cheap and fast connections to the local region and the sea – all of these make Berlin a place whose richness will bowl you over!

Accommodation: suprisingly diverse

If you are looking for a house or apartment in Berlin, you have a wide range of properties to choose from in twelve residential districts. Be it an old building, new building, townhouse, houseboat, urban villa, or a bungalow – the German capital is synonymous with fair property and rent prices.

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Time out: leisure in Berlin

Whether it’s a round of mini-golf at an indoor, blacklight course with 3D effects, beach volleyball in the park, relaxing at the former Tempelhof airport or swimming in a floating pool on the river Spree – no other city in Germany has as many leisure activities to offer as Berlin.

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Food & drinks: 24 hours a day

You finished work later than you thought and still need to do some grocery shopping? No problem! In Berlin, many supermarkets are open until midnight, and some late-night shops are even open 24/7. On top of this, you can enjoy specialties from around the world at any time of day from one of the 13,000 restaurants, cafés, and snack bars.

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Berlin: a European paradise for families

Around 1,850 public playgrounds, 2,000 day care centres, parent & child cafés, spaces for prams on public transport, all-day schools, international kindergartens and schools, flexible working hours for those with family responsibilities, concessions for children and seniors – Berlin is a family-friendly city.

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