We work as a team to shift how the world of tomorrow moves. We make mobility more sustainable, more intelligent, and safer. We make it more digital, more connected, and simply better. As a developer of innovative technologies, we have long worked with big names in the mobility and research worlds. Our work also extends to other areas like robotics, agriculture, and energy and water management.

Why IAV?

How do topics as diverse as cloud services, digital user experience, web apps, embedded software, functional safety, and cybersecurity interact seamlessly in complex system architectures? How do machine learning methods like AI and pattern recognition help improve component usage and optimize system robustness and security? What control levers can we shift in the life cycle assessment in order to consistently reduce CO2?

These are just a few of the questions that we pursue every day. They demand that we think increasingly outside of the box. And they provide plenty of challenges and variety on the job.

At IAV, you can look forward to first-class tech infrastructure, inquiring minds, the freedom to work creatively, and open-minded cooperation.

Tech minds and hearts welcome!


  • Our Berlin headquarters is located directly on the River Spree in Charlottenburg
  • Remote and flexible work foster work-life balance, and we offer special services for families
  • Allocation of ca. 2h of training per week per employee
  • We drive agile methods and culture forward
  • Specialist communities
  • Qualifications, events and conferences
  • Individually tailored career programs – in professional, project management, or management roles
  • Team building and amicable teamwork
  • Corporate wage agreements, company pension schemeand contributions to capital formation
  • Fitness and health promotion
  • Sabbatical
  • Visa & relocation support


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tech brains and hearts work with us on the mobility of the future


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MM Euro turnover generated in 2021 with the development of innovative technologies