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The capital region Berlin-Brandenburg is the most international AI and startup hub and the most mature AI ecosystem in Germany, taking on a leading role in Europe. As Germany's most dynamic economic region, the region offers you personal and professional opportunities for development in an internationally attractive location.

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This campaign was launched by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg and selected AI companies – companies that you would like to get to know. Together we offer you top career opportunities in the capital. Take a look at the participating companies and their job ads. If you like a job, apply directly online. The companies will then contact you personally to ensure a fast, detailed and transparent application process.

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The Capital Region: Pioneer and International AI Hub

Almost half of the employees of Berlin-Brandenburg based startups have an international background and more than one third of the AI experts in the Capital region come from abroad. The high quality of life, the relatively low cost of living, the diversity and multiculturalism as well as the creative scene attract young and talented people coming to the Metropolitan Area Berlin. Since the mid-2000s, more and more companies from the AI environment have settled in Berlin-Brandenburg. Making it Germany’s AI startup capital.

Over 40% of German AI startups are represented in Berlin-Brandenburg. Almost 300 AI companies generate a turnover of more than 500 million Euro (8% of the total turnover of software and data service providers). At numerous research institutions and universities, over 65 professors conduct research on the various fields of application of AI. They work with interdisciplinary partners, including in the development of Speech and image recognition systems: Machine learning, Collaborative robot, Autonomous vehicles, Innovations in the healthcare industry.

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Leading institutions from research and private sector as well as important partners, resources, regulators and decision-makers are represented in Berlin-Brandenburg.

The growing importance of the Capital region as a centre of Artificial Intelligence is not only noticeable in science. The economy of the region is also benefiting from technological advances. The potential for the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is considerable - various projections expect AI companies to increase their sales to € 2-3 billion by 2025 (AI-induced increases in sales in the application sectors not taken into account).


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